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Wanted – a new form for debate and a new narrative

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A couple of weeks ago I attended a debate in London with the title “Richer out of Europe?” organised jointly by The Federal Trust and Global Britain; each side fielded three speakers including former Commissioner Peter Sutherland and Kate Hoey MP. I was a profoundly depressing experience, there was no debate in the sense of […]

The Greek Experience

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At a time when British eurosceptics are turning up the volume with seductive accounts of how Britain could become great again outside the EU, it is worth having a look at what is happening over Greece. Syriza, a protest party bringing together an unlikely coalition of idealists, populists, Marxists and the simply fed up, was […]

Britain stands tall

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A report in The Daily Telegraph Business Section, February 13 under the by-line of Bruno Waterfield, the long serving Brussels correspondent, begins as follows: “David Cameron has told Alexis Tspiras, the Greek Prime Minister, that he must make peace with Germany and the Eurozone or risk damaging Britain’s economic recovery.” It is not difficult to […]

Maligning the euro

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It is a sad indicator of the state of the debate on the EU and the euro that commentators find it necessary to resort to extreme language to justify their prejudices; thus Camilla Cavendish in this weeks Sunday Times: “The intransigence of the eurocrats and their political backers, their refusal to accept that the euro […]

Lessons from Greece

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The origins of the crisis facing the EU in its relations with Greece date back to the launch of the euro in 1999. Everyone knew that Greece did not satisfy the entry criteria but the figures were massaged and the country was allowed to join on the grounds that the discipline imposed by the Growth […]

Tolstoy’s River

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In the concluding chapters of War and Peace, Leo Tolstoy compares the course of history to a vast fast flowing river, driven by irresistible natural forces and carrying all before it; the role of the statesman is to navigate the ship of state, taking advantage of the currents, attempts to sail against the stream usually […]

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